Delivery Options

On this page you can get information about our delivery options. All times are in Local Danish time UCT +01:00 (Winter) / UCT +02:00 (Summer)

We use TNT for express deliveries, the deadline for orders is 11:30.

If you’d like to arrange the pickup by another carrier, please feel free to contact us.

Regular orders from stock are normally shipped the same day, you will receive an e-mail with tracking information when your order is collected.

Usual delivery times and prices are shown in the table below. Max. weight is including packing material. Contact us for Dachser pallet prices.

CountryParcels with DPDDPD price per parcelDPD max weight per parcelPallets with Dachser
Austria2-4 days13 €30 kg3 days
Belgium2 days11 €25 kg2-3 days
Bosnia7 daysWeight dependent30 kgContact us
Bulgaria3-5 days36 €30 kg5-6 days
Croatia4 days36 €30 kg4-6 days
Cyprus (Greece)4-7 daysWeight dependent30 kgContact us
Czech Republic3-5 days36 €30 kg2-3 days
Estonia4 days22 €30 kg3-4 days
Faroe Islands5-8 daysWeight dependent35 kgContact us
Finland3-4 days19 €30 kg5-6 days
France3-4 days15 €20 kg3-4 days
Germany 2-3 days8 €30 kg1-3 days
Greece4-7 days46 €30 kg5-6 days
Greenland8-10 daysWeight dependent35 kgContact us
Hungary3-5 days19 €30 kg4-5 days
Iceland5-8 daysWeight dependent35 kgContact us
Ireland3-5 days31 €25 kg3-4 days
Italy3-4 days20 €25 kg4-5 days
Latvia4 days22 €30 kg3-4 days
Lithuania4 days22 €30 kg3-4 days
Luxembourg2 days13 €20 kgContact us
Netherlands2 days9 €25 kg1-2 days
North Macedonia7 daysWeight dependent30 kgContact us
Norway2-4 days46 €30 kg3-4 days
Poland3 days18 €30 kg2-3 days
Portugal4 days30 €25 kg5-6 days
Romania4-6 days35 €30 kg5-7 days
Serbia6 days81 €30 kgContact us
Slovakia3-5 days35 €30 kg3-4 days
Slovenia3-4 days36 €30 kg3-4 days
Spain3-4 days23 €25 kg5-6 days
Sweden1-3 days12 €30 kg2-3 days
Switzerland3 days44 €30 kg3-4 days
United Kingdom7-14 daysContact us25 kg3-4 days