Locking Devices

Technical information:

Locking devices are used for attaching belt pulleys, chain wheels and other components on the shaft. They are suitable for small shafts in which a key/slot connection is not possible. By tightening the connecting screws, the two inverse conical shaped parts cause an increase in the diameter of the outer ring and a reduction of the diameter on the inner ring. This ensures a tight fit of the components and easy installation and removal.

Advantages of locking devices:

  • Eliminates the play between the shaft and the driven part
  • The load is distributed evenly over the entire diameter
  • Reduced time used for assembly of the machine and maintenance downtime


C45E and also available in stainless steel.

General mounting instructions:

The contact surfaces on the shaft, hub and locking device have to be cleaned and degreased. The inside cone clamping elements need to be lubricated, our units come prelubricated. Do not use any kind of grease or oil with molybdenum or high pressure additives.
Loosen all clamping screws several turns, by hand, in a crosswise sequence. Remove a number of clamping screws, and screw them into the removal threads, until all are occupied. Tighten them until the inner and outer part are separated. Insert the locking device in the hub that you want to mount and push the assembly onto the shaft. Remove the screws from the removal threads and mount them back in the mounting threads. Hand-tighten the screws in a crosswise pattern, to align and position the assembly. Tighten the mounting bolts to half the tightening torque from the catalogue, in a clockwise pattern. Increase the torque to full spec and tighten several times in a clockwise pattern. The tightening sequence is finished when no screws turn with the tightening torque specified.

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