Roller Chains

We supply a vast range of chains such as agricultural chains, conveyor chains, ordinary roller chains, leaf chains and hollow pin chains.

These come in a variety of materials, for example, stainless steel, heavy duty and nickel plated. There is also the possibility of chains with attachments.

We supply chains in simplex, duplex and triplex versions.

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Connecting Links

We have different types of chain and connecting links, see the table below to learn about the different types and suffixes. If you place an order or visit our webshop, simply put the suffix after the itemnumber. For example a connecting link with spring for a 08 B-1 rollerchain = 08 B-1 E.

A – Outer Link

For riveting, maximum strength.

B – Inner Link

To be used with outer links or other types of connecting links.

C – Double Cranked Link

Rarely used.

A - Outer Link
C - Double Cranked Link
E – Spring Connecting Link

Most commonly used, 90-100% strength of a riveted chain.

K – Cotter Connecting Link

90-100% strength of a riveted chain.

H – Offset / Cranked Link

Also known as half link, 80-90% strength of a riveted chain.

E - Spring Connecting Link
H - Offset / Cranked Link