Bushes are useful where requirements for rotation are not as high as for traditional bearings and they are less cost intensive.

We stock a wide range of different bushes, including both self-lubricating bronze bushes and sliding bushes, which are available with or without a collar.

As one of the few on the market, we also supply DIN housings.

DIN Housings

DU (PAP P10 / EGB E40) – maintenance-free bushing

DX (PAP P20 / EGB E50) – low-maintenance bushing

DU..TFF (PAF P10 / EGF E40 /SF-1F / PCMF) – maintenance-free flanged bushing

DU..TFW (WC / PAW P10 / EGW E40) – maintenance-free thrust washers

Self-lubricating Bushes

BNZ – cylindrical self-lubricating sintered bushing

BNZF – flanged self-lubricating sintered bushing