Covid-19 and PTI Europa!

Since it, once again, has been decided to partially close the Germany borders, we find ourselves in the difficult, if not impossible, situation to arrange personal meetings with our foreign customers and suppliers. Therefore, we will have extensive focus on keeping in touch by phone and email.
The pandemic has postponed various exciting events such as trade fairs etc., which leaves us even more excited to participate next year and hopefully be able to meet you all there.
Just as everybody else and as recommended, we at PTI, take extra precautions to stop the virus from spreading. We have great focus on washing hands, keeping our distances, avoiding crowded offices (some work from home) and in addition. We therefore guarantee that all orders continue to be shipped unless other unforeseen situations occur.
Covid-19 does not stop PTI Europa.
We hope that you, your families and business associates get well through this turbulent time with Covid-19.
We are looking forward to 2021, where the pandemic has hopefully left us.