Powder coating

We received an inquiry from one of our customers who required a certain color for his products and whether we were able to supply.

Of course, we were able to accommodate this request!

So, if you are in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our sellers.


Read more about our powder coating process here:



See our powder coater Peter in action and what color he ended up with 🔵



National holidays, spring 2023

Due to national holidays in Denmark, we are closed on the following days:








05.06.2023 Closed from 12.00 – No delivery of goods possible this day, collection of goods only possible until 12 o’clock.


We wish you a wonderful spring. 

New outdoor areas

Here at PTI, Spring cleaning starts early☀️

We are fully in the process of updating our outdoor areas.


We have taken down one of the old gates and replaced it with a nice new glass section, and a couple of our old buildings have also been removed.

We are working on a new arrival area for all trucks and customers, and furthermore expand the parking area out back for our employees.


We are using local business partners to accomplish our spring goals.


We look forward to show the final result.


CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Our local municipality has awarded us with a CSR diploma. This is a recognition of local companies that show great openness, flexibility and responsibility, when it comes to the inclusion of citizens on the edge of the labor market.

We are proud to help our community in and outside of our premises.

Warehouse expansion

When we moved into our new facilities, two years ago, we believed that we had enough storage room for many years to come. But already this week, we’ve added 2000 pallet spaces to our warehouse, to ensure an even better availability of our products. Deliver security is important to us and our customers. With the ongoing conflicts, a pandemic and rising energy and material costs – we think ahead and keep a large buffer to minimize the impact on your business.

Price adjustment 01-10-2021

Dear Customer,

In order to maintain the quality and service that PTI Europa A/S is known for, we are forced to raise our gross prices by approx 5%. The price increase* will take effect on 1/10-2021.

The increase comes as a direct consequence of rising material prices, energy costs as well as the very pressured global logistics situation.

We hope for your understanding.

* Current price agreements are not covered by the price increase.

Our department in Støvring is moving

Our department in Støvring is moving on the 20.09.2021, to the following address:

(do not address invoices here)


PTI Europa A/S – Nord

Juelstrupparken 1

9530 Støvring



National holidays, spring 2021

Due to national holidays in Denmark, are we closed on the following days:










We wish you a wonderful spring and stay safe. 

PTI Lager

PTI – New times, new opportunities

PTI is in a continuous and fast development ! The year 2020 has been an exciting year with a change of management, relocation to new and larger headquarters and more available internal resources.

All this has led to a new and improved pricing strategy for our customers.

Together with our loyal partners, which we have had for over 25 years, and our new large storage capacity, we now have the opportunity to offer our customers a better price without compromising our high quality, level of service and delivery reliability.

If we have got your attention then contact us today to hear more about our new prices and options for self-services in our webshop. You can get an additional 2% discount* by inquiring and ordering via our webshop.

*No additional webshop discount obtainable for written offers.


New opening hours 1/2/2021

In order to meet our customers needs, we have changed our opening hours starting with 1st of February 2021:

Monday 7:30 – 16:00

Tuesday 7:30 – 16:00

Wednesday 7:30 – 16:00

Thursday  7:30 – 16:00

Friday 7:30 – 14:00