Ascension day

This Thursday and Friday (17-05-2012 & 18-05-2012) we close for a national holiday.

Please contact us by mail these days, we will reply asap.

Easter Holidays

We’re closed on the following days for the Easter Holidays:

Thursday the 5th April

Friday the 6th April

Monday the 9th April

Happy holidays!

Search engine

We’ve replaced our old search function with a google custom search box, it is able to search for specific product names, not only the main categories. So now you can search and find i.ex. a 6303 bearing, where you had to search for 6300 earlier.


We’ve added a lot of new product catalogues in the accessories category.

Topping-out ceremony

We close early today (19-09-2011) at 15:00 to celebrate the topping-out ceremony of our new warehouse.

New homepage

Our new homepage is now finished, hope you like it.