We have a new product on our product portfolio

FWS-SPLIT is our new flange unit that is split.

This unit is ideal in hard to reach places, as you can replace the bearing without having to disassemble your machine.

We can offer several sizes from 35mm up to 60mm.

Contact our sales department if you want to hear more about it, and see the datasheet here.


Video guide for the webshop

We have now new features on our webshop, where filters and search options have been added to the products. Every filter is adapted to the individual product.

To get to know the webshop we have a video guide. The guide shows the new functions, as well as how to create a login and use the various filters + we explain about the functions your profile offers, such as favorite lists, you can see what you have ordered earlier, etc.


We encourage all our customers to get a webshop login, where you can check the stock, prices and order around the clock, and you do not have to wait for a response from our sales department.


Make your profile already today by using this link: https://shop.pti.eu/en/products/


Covid-19 and PTI Europa!

Since it, once again, has been decided to partially close the Germany borders, we find ourselves in the difficult, if not impossible, situation to arrange personal meetings with our foreign customers and suppliers. Therefore, we will have extensive focus on keeping in touch by phone and email.
The pandemic has postponed various exciting events such as trade fairs etc., which leaves us even more excited to participate next year and hopefully be able to meet you all there.
Just as everybody else and as recommended, we at PTI, take extra precautions to stop the virus from spreading. We have great focus on washing hands, keeping our distances, avoiding crowded offices (some work from home) and in addition. We therefore guarantee that all orders continue to be shipped unless other unforeseen situations occur.
Covid-19 does not stop PTI Europa.
We hope that you, your families and business associates get well through this turbulent time with Covid-19.
We are looking forward to 2021, where the pandemic has hopefully left us.

Major changes are taking place on Papegøjevej 7 in Tønder

The building is starting to be visible and we can really see the great progress that is being made during this time.

The workers are well underway despite the Danish weather, and now it’s almost time for us to hold The Roofing Ceremony, something we do in Denmark when the walls of the building and  the roof construction are up, to give good fortune to the building and the company.

We all look forward to being reunited in the beautiful new building in 2021





PTI Nord

Our North department is also moving into a new building

It’s not only our personnel in Tønder that can look forward to new offices in 2021. Our department in Støvring will also move into a brand new building in Mai 2021.

PTI Nord PTI Nord

They change the address from Fredensgade to Juelstrupparken in Støvring.

Follow the exciting process here:

The groundbreaking for the new office building has been made

PTI Europa A/S

The picture shows CEO Carsten Lorenzen, architect Uwe Nielsen, director and owner Jürgen Lorenzen and builder Heinrich Matzen. (picture borrowed from jv.dk)

The groundbreaking ceremony for the new office building was on the 28.08.2020.
The plan is for the new building to be completed on 01.06.2021, when we celebrate PTI’s 30th anniversary.
The new building will contain 14 offices, a canteen and meeting rooms and the budget is around 13 million Danish Krones.

Arkkon Arkitekter

The demolition of the old office building in Tønder has been completed

Another step has been taken in connection with the relocation of the company from Sejerslev to Tønder, where the old office building has now been demolished.
Here are some pictures of the demolition process and a preview of what the new building will look like.

We look forward to hopefully having the whole of PTI South reunited in the summer of 2021.

PTI Europa A/S

PTI Europa A/S

PTI Europa A/S

Arkkon Arkitekter

Our sales trainee Jesper has completed his apprenticeship and continues at PTI

Jesper Redlefsen

We can hereby announce that our sales trainee Jesper Redlefsen will continue in our sales department after completing his apprenticeship.

Jesper is 22 years old and has, in addition to his apprenticeship, played handball with TMT in league / 1. division level.

Jesper has primarily been involved in sales in our export department, but he has also gained insight into other functions in the company during his apprenticeship.

We are incredibly happy that he will continue with us. We appreciate his good mood and we look forward to him staying at PTI.

Papegøjevej 7

Change of address

PTI Europa A/S

In connection with the relocation of our company from Højer to Tønder, it can now be stated that our address is changed to:

PTI Europa A/S

Papegøjevej 7

DK-6270 Tønder

The majority of the office staff are still at the address in Højer, where they are until the new office building in Tønder is completed.

Please update our new address in your customer / supplier directory.

We all wish you a really good summer.

Update from PTI

The relocation to Tønder of our inventory is moving forward as planned.

A large part of our warehouse has already been moved to our new address in Tønder and we expect the entire relocation to be completed by the end of June.

We have got new floors, windows to bring in more light, and the rest of the renovation will follow over time. The new high shelves are being filled up and the entire warehouse will be streamlined. Our old buildings in Nørre Sejerslev have been sold to a local company.

The old office building will be demolished in August and we are very much looking forward to the groundbreaking ceremony for our brand new 800 m² office building later this year.

Regarding Covid-19 are our employees now back in the office following the government recommendations, where we make sure to comply with the necessary guidelines to ensure the health of our personnel.