PTI on national TV

PTI on DR (the main Danish television channel) in the program series “Sønderjysk for beginners”

PTI is sponsoring the club “Team Nordschleswig – Æ Mannschafft”, who plays fistball also called Faustball, which only is played by the German minority in Denmark.

See new episode here (only in Danish).

Delays with DPD

Unfortunately, we are experiencing delays with some of our packages sent with DPD.

All our DPD packages from Denmark go in transit via Germany and to the respective countries in Europe. DPD in Germany are facing extraordinarily large quantities.

Right now we have some shipments from the 16-17. April, which we pay extra attention to while DPD is working on high pressure to get the shipments delivered.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you and your customers.

New Webshop 2020

We are switching to an updated webshop today, so you might experience a little downtime. The new solution has many improved features, we will inform you about them soon.

You can login with your existing account as usual.

Corona virus

New information regarding Covid-19 virus (Corona)

New information regarding the current Covid-19 (Corona) situation

In connection with the government’s announcement to close all institutions and public jobs over the next 14 days, all our employees who have the opportunity, will work from home.
Our employees who are unable to work from home will continue to come to work to the greatest extent possible.

We will continue to try to get all orders out and respond to all correspondence as soon as possible, but there may occur some delays. There will be limited staffing on the phones.

We will not receive unannounced visits in the coming period.

Information regarding Covid-19 virus (Corona)

PTI Europa A/S is currently not affected by the Covid-19 virus and all shipments are sent out as planned.
With our large inventory, we are able to handle the situation without it affecting our daily operations.
Should any delays occur, we will make sure to inform you directly.

Transfer of the virus on goods are according to the WHO not possible and therefore poses no danger.

We look forward to receiving your orders and inquiries.

We wish all our customers and connections a strong health.

Lene Segalt

25 year anniversary at PTI

Lene Segalt Dirksen

On December 13, 2019, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of our colleague Lene Segalt Dirksen.

Lene was hired in 1994 as an office assistant, responsible for internal sales, telephone forwarding and as a backup for the sales people.
She is a highly valued employee, both with her colleagues at PTI, but also with clients, such as KVM International A/S and BM Autoteknik A/S.
Lene has an in-depth knowledge of her field of expertise and in particular sprocket & fan bearings, where the rest of the sales team always can go for help.

We are happy for her always good mood and we look forward to many good years at PTI to come.


PTI is named supplier of the year at Kverneland Group 2019


It is with great pride that we have been named “Supplier of the year” at Kverneland Group Kerteminde 2019.

Kverneland Group is a leading international company developing, producing and distributing agricultural machinery and services.

They are a Norwegian company owned by the Japanese group Kubota.

We have been a supplier to Kverneland for almost 20 years. In addition to standard products, we supply a wide range of special parts.

See more about Kverneland here.

PTI Europa A/S

PTI wins the Tønder District Company Award 2019

Anneli Lorenzen Jürgen Lorenzen

We are very grateful and proud to win the Tønder Company Award 2019.

PTI was up against two strong local companies in the form of Fru Dax on Rømø and Centralvaskeriet from Løgumkloster.

As a company, we are happy to contribute with workplaces in the region and being a sponsor to various sports teams and institutions.

A big thank you to all those who voted for us – The DKK 10,000 prize will be spent on spoiling our brilliant employees.

See more of the evening here:

PTI increases storage capacity

As of June 20, PTI has taken over the buildings at Papegøjevej 7 in Tønder, the current Boilerworks, and now has over 12,000 square meters storage space.

With this acquisition, we will secure our future and move our current head office from the address in Sejerslev.

We expect the move to be completed in the year 2021.

Do you want to learn more about PTI?

Then we invite you to view our timeline here and get a quick overview of our doings for the past 28 years.

Are you curious on some of the larger customers, we have been the main supplier to for a number of years, then check our references here please.

Our strong forces are:

  • That we have a fine correlation between price and quality.
  • Our high service level, which our customers are praising us for.
  • That we from our big stock not only are able to deliver standard parts, but also special parts produced according to our customers specific needs.

Check our extensive product portfolio out here.